March 7, 2012
"Anyone uncertain about the hypocrisy of Washington’s claimed human rights concerns (regarding Syria), as well as its willingness to embrace the Assad regime in the wake of 9/11, need only look to the case of Maher Arar. A Canadian engineer arrested at JFK airport, Arar was accused of “links to terrorism” and subjected to extraordinary rendition by US security agencies that sent him to Syria for almost a full year of interrogation and torture. A two-year Canadian investigation found him innocent of any terror links, and paid him $10 million in compensation for Canada’s role; but for the US, Arar remains a suspect prohibited from entering the country.)"

November 19, 2010
"Most Americans wondered why we would even take the chance. And now they're wondering when the administration will admit it was wrong and assure us just as confidently that terrorists will be tried from now on in the military commission system that was established for this very purpose at the secure facility at Guantánamo Bay, or detained indefinitely, if they cannot be tried without jeopardising national security."

WHAT?!  People, this is what we fought against so hard under Bush term 1 and 2, and eventually got a (partial) turn around on.  The fact that the republican majority leadership is already pushing for a return to INDEFINITE INCARCERATIONWITHOUT TRIAL should tell us something here

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