October 21, 2013


Within the United States of America:

  • Only 12 states require sex education to be medically accurate.
  • Only 19 states require information on condoms and contraception.
  • Only 12 states require sexual orientation to be covered. Out of those, only 9 states require it to be inclusive.
  • 3 states require only negative information on sexual orientation.
  • 22 states are not required to provide information on healthy decision making or on avoiding coercion.


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May 27, 2013
Europe's fourth-biggest carrier says bright makeup 'impairs visual integrity', triggering concerns over creeping Islamisation

October 26, 2012
Members of Extremist Church In North Carolina Imprisoned And Assualted Gay Man To 'Cure' Him


Four members of a church in North Carolina have been charged with false imprisonment over allegations that they held a young gay man against his will.

According to WLOS News 13, 21-year-old Michael Lowry is pursuing charges against Word of Faith Fellowship Church in Spindale, North Carolina.

Since his birth, Lowry and his parents have been members of the church.

Faith in America, a group which campaigns against religious extremism, is calling on the FBI to investigate the case.

They believe it is a clear example of an “extreme” hate crime under federal hate crime laws.

Lowry claims he was confined against his will in a building on church property and subjected to repeated assaults in an attempt to “cure” him of his sexuality.

He also was subjected to “supervised” bathroom visits because church leaders feared he might be masturbating.

In a statement, Faith in America Executive Director Brent Childers said:

In my six years of working to educate people about the harm caused to gay and lesbian people by religion-based bigotry, this is the most disturbing story I have encountered. This young man has had to flee his family and his community with little more than a few personal belongings. He feels he has been exiled, shunned, humiliated and denied the pursuit of happiness that most young people would be enjoying at his age”.

Mr Childers added: “No church should be allowed to subject its members to physical, emotional, and psychological abuse because of a church’s views on sexual orientation.

A former pastor of the church is denying the allegations.

July 9, 2012
In Indonesia, jailed for non-believing

The news coming out of one of my favorite countries (at the most populous muslim one) continues to alarm me

June 29, 2012
Hahaha.  Ha.  Ha.motherjones:

Happy Friday. Here’s a history of the Drug War.

Hahaha.  Ha.  Ha.

Happy Friday. Here’s a history of the Drug War.

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December 5, 2011
Muslim Brotherhood and hardline Salafis appear to win more than half of seats in first round of parliamentary election. - Islamists sweep early results in Egypt vote

Here in we have my primary issue with democracy.  Not just in Egypt.  In the US.  Wherever.  If irrational religious fundamentalists who believe in religion instead of rationalism are the majority, do they have a right to rule?  Ditto for fasciests.  Racists.  Whomever.

The communist vangaurd and a temporary (lifetimeish) suspension of voting rights is the best solution to this I’ve heard of.  So long as they don’t seal borders/impede travel. 

November 4, 2011

Systemic risk in the financial system can be remedied by the taxpayer, but no one will come to the rescue if the environment is destroyed. That it must be destroyed is close to an institutional imperative. Business leaders who are conducting propaganda campaigns to convince the population that anthropogenic global warming is a liberal hoax understand full well how grave is the threat, but they must maximize short-term profit and market share. If they don’t, someone else will.

This vicious cycle could well turn out to be lethal. To see how grave the danger is, simply have a look at the new Congress in the US, propelled into power by business funding and propaganda. Almost all are climate deniers. They have already begun to cut funding for measures that might mitigate environmental catastrophe. Worse, some are true believers; for example, the new head of a subcommittee on the environment who explained that global warming cannot be a problem because God promised Noah that there will not be another flood.


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August 28, 2011
Yet another reason to hate religion…

yeah, there are a lot of them. The piousness with which virtually all major religions (I am leaving a possible exception for some forms of Buddhist thought) allow their followers to look down on those with any other set of values or beliefs, the ways in which religions inherently create division instead of human unity and thus provide a historical basis for ignorance, war, and self/sectarian centered mentality. But the one that I am irritated by today is actually kind of innocuous seeming, and probably just irritates me because it is a current source of inconvenience, rather than it being a major critique of the ways in which religions interact with the world around them. Days of rest.

Call it the sabbath or shabatt, the concept of the “day f rest” is really fucking inconvenient. It shuts a society down for at least one day, and quite often for two days (with the whole “dusk to dusk” restive period most prominent in fundamentalist Judaism, but also in Islam). It would be one thing if that was what the majority in that society wanted, but it seems to me that in every country I have been in these religiously sanctioned “norms” have done little more than make life harder for people. Today, I was trying to get out of the city of Dohuk and into a neighboring village by share-taxi, essentially what it sounds like, a taxi that transports 4 people and the driver in able to share the cost of the driver’s labor and of fuel. But. Of course. It was a day of rest. So the drivers were all sitting desperately waiting for people to come in the desert heat, as was I, and nobody showed up for my destination. About two carloads left for the more major neighboring cities, but that was all. Which sucks for me, but also for the drivers, who couldn’t get any work, and for everyone else who is forced to accept that they won’t be able to get anywhere in northern Iraq on Fridays and Saturdays (apparently), or, if they will, they will have to wait substantially longer than normal.

I didn’t realise this would be an issue in Iraq, because observance of the days of rest was not nearly as pronounced as in other societies which obsess over it, the most notable one being the entity of Israel, in which virtually every shop is closed, and fundamentalist Jews have even firebombed businesses that attempted to stay open (most notably Intel, which expected its outsourced Israeli engineers to keep the same hours as in the US in order to enable to enable the most efficient collaboration).

Now, I am biased on this issue, but honestly everyone is. I think that for a society to make any concession to religion in inherently wrong. Numerous studies have shown that the average IQ’s and other gauges of intelligence are higher among non-believers than the faithful (I don’t have an internet connection as I type this but just run those keywords through the Guardian, the Independent, or another moderately secular publication). As such, it drives me fucking apeshit (not evidencibly. I’m just slightly irritated. But still) to see a modern, comparatively secular people like the Kurds of Iraq following a tradition as silly as giving up not just one, but two days of productivity, even as they claim time and time again that their region is fast becoming the “new Dubai,” a budding business and cultural (I am not sure the real Dubai even qualifies on the latter claim… maybe Doha?) capital of the region.

Thank god I live in New York, which, despite being stuck as a part of one of the most alarmingly religiously obsessed nations in the Western world, manages to understand that progress and life aren’t going to stop for anyone’s beliefs.


August 2, 2011
At a 2004 National Education Conference, presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann called homosexuality "part of Satan," a "real issue of sexual dysfunction," a "very sad life."



I can only imagine what it feels like to be filled with so much hate. What a blind, miserable existence it must be.

I feel the need to point out that none of those are legal arguments and if she wants to be president it might be wise to come up with one (oh, wait…there ISN’T a legal argument to discriminate against gay people).

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May 29, 2011
"Fight in the way of God… agaist those … who start a fight against you, but do not agress against them by initiating the fighting; God does not love the aggressors."

— The Quran on jihad (2:190)… a quote your US educated history teachers/religion instructors probably don’t mention when they call Islam a violent religion

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