April 15, 2014
Italian “expo” will showcase Israeli propaganda

Ah yes… the propaganda of genocidal occupiers

March 27, 2014
Israel’s “Hollywood propaganda” about Gaza-bound missile ship unravels - EI


Earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took part in what Haaretz columnist Amir Oren condemned as a display of “Hollywood-style propaganda.”

The media stunt was to advertise what Israel claimed was a shipment of missiles en route from Iran to the Gaza Strip. At the time, many people pointed out that it was hard to understand how large missiles could be smuggled into Gaza, given Israel’s siege by land sea and air, supported by Egypt.

Iran and the Palestinian political and military organization Hamas claimed Israel was lying.

While Oren didn’t question the veracity of Israel’s claim, he did point out its propaganda value.

First, for the prime minister: the media event took place five days after the ship had been supposedly captured, but just after Netanyahu returned from a trip to the United States. Second, as form of pressure on Iran.

The claims also give Israel a pretext for its continued collective punishment of Gaza.

Oren did point out the absurdity of Israel’s indignation that Iran had accused it of lying, given that Israel itself habitually lies: “Israel’s condemnation of Iran as a liar is ridiculous. From David Ben-Gurion’s time to the present, Israel has lied when it believed it had to do so to avoid punishment.”

Story unravels

While there were already plenty of reasons to cast doubt on Israel’s story, Dan Williams of Reuters has a report today headlined: “Doubts surface on Gaza destination of rockets seized by Israel.”

The reports quotes a “US official” saying of the rockets: “You look at those things and it’s obvious they couldn’t have been slipped into Gaza.”

Williams writes:

Some US intelligence analysts and Middle East security officials believe that a rocket shipment seized by the Israeli navy in the Red Sea this month was destined for the Egyptian Sinai and not for the Gaza Strip, as Israel says.

A US official and two non-Israeli regional sources said Israel appeared to be insisting on the Gaza destination in order to spare the military-backed interim Egyptian administration embarrassment as it struggles to impose order in the Sinai.

Israel has little compunction about drawing scrutiny to the rocket arsenals of Gaza’s governing Hamas Islamists and other armed Palestinian factions, with whom it has regularly clashed.

“Were the Israelis to say the rockets were going to Sinai, then they would also have had to say who in Sinai was going to receive the rockets,” one source told Reuters, adding that such a statement would draw attention to the insurgents resisting Egypt’s security sweeps in northern Sinai.

Israel says the Syrian-made M302 rockets and other munitions were hidden aboard the Panamanian-flagged Klos C while it docked in Iran. The ship was intercepted on March 5, en route to Sudan – where, Israel says, the arms would have been offloaded and trucked to Gaza through Egypt, a standard trafficking route.

He adds:

An Israeli military officer who took part in planning the naval interdiction told Reuters that, in the month before it happened, “not once did I hear anyone mention anything other than Gaza as the end-point for these weapons.”

A US official said Washington had confirmed the Syrian and Iranian provenance of the rockets and believed they were to have been used against Israel. But half of US intelligence analysts thought Sinai, not Gaza, was the destination, the official said.

“You look at those things and it’s obvious they couldn’t have been slipped into Gaza,” the official said, adding that the M302s were not designed to be disassembled for easier smuggling.

The Reuters report says that US analysts believe that mortars aboard the ship may have been bound for Gaza, while other weapons, including large amounts of ammunition, were likely bound for destinations in Africa.

The United States supplies billions of dollars worth of weaponry to Israel each year, which Israel uses to occupy and colonize Palestinians.

However, the United States does not support Palestinians’ right to self-defense and resistance against Israeli occupation and hence views all weapons’ transfers to Palestinian armed groups, regardless of how the weapons are used, as support for “terrorism.”

Via Electronic Intifada

March 19, 2014
How the Israel lobby is courting US Latinos

March 17, 2014

Israel is employing “punitive measures” against six Palestinian prisoners who are on hunger strike, according to a statement published by the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT), a Geneva-based human rights network.

Four of the men are being held in administrative detention, a draconian practice that allows the Israeli occupation authorities to detain Palestinians without charges on “secret evidence.” Akram Fasisi, Waheed Abu Maria and Muammar Banat have been on hunger strike since 9 January and Ameer Shammas started on 11 January.

According to Israeli Military Order 1651, Palestinians can be detained in administrative detention for up to six months without charges. In practice, however, military courts regularly rubber-stamp requests to renew the orders, effectively enabling Israel to detain Palestinians indefinitely without ever charging them.


Patrick Strickland for EI

March 17, 2014
Keep on rockin' for freedom, Neil Young, cancel your Tel Aviv show

March 13, 2014
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine… one of a one page long list of US Dept of State “Terrorist Groups.”And still one of the most moral, beautiful organizations the world has seen.  Standing strong against the latest unjustifiable raids on Gaza.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine… one of a one page long list of US Dept of State “Terrorist Groups.”

And still one of the most moral, beautiful organizations the world has seen.  Standing strong against the latest unjustifiable raids on Gaza.

(Source: fuckyeahmarxismleninism)

March 3, 2014
Luxembourg pension fund dumps 9 Israeli firms, and Motorola, over settlements

March 2, 2014
‘US denies airspace to Iran MPs plane’

The empire doesn’t want Iran to talk to Cuba or Venezuela.

So apparently we’re being children and making the flight nearly impossible (US airspace is range-necessary)

February 22, 2014
Robert Fisk: Ukraine'€™s future is tied up with Syria's and Vladimir Putin is crucial to both

February 18, 2014
NBC: We Don't DIG Occupation!

American television network NBC is cooperating with Israeli authorities and the Keshet Media Group, an Israeli media company, to produce a new action series that will be set and shot in occupied East Jerusalem. The series, DIG, will be aired later this year on the USA cable channel. 

(Photo: Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images)

Nir Barkat, the Israeli mayor of Jerusalem, and Keshet had declared last November that most of the filming would take place in the so-called “City of David National Park,” an illegal Israeli settlement located in the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan.” Following objections from 20 Palestinian civil society and national institutions, NBC denied any plans to film in Silwan, but the network has since refused to clarify if the show will be shot in other parts of occupied East Jerusalem or if they will be cooperating with Israeli government bodies there on the project, including receiving funding. 

Send an email to NBC now to let them know: We Don’t DIG Occupation!

As has been made clear again and again by countless UN Security Council resolutions and the International Court of Justice in 2004, East Jerusalem is part of the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel in 1967. Its annexation by Israel is not recognized internationally and has been condemned. Israel commits serious violations of international law and human rights there through forced land acquisition, population transfer, and the building of settlements. Since 1967 more than 9,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished in East Jerusalem and around 15,000 Palestinians have had their residency revoked.

All these policies have served to change the demographic composition of this Palestinian city. Going through with the production of DIG in East Jerusalem would mean NBC is supporting Israel’s grave violations of international law and makes the network complicit in Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

NBC has taken a right step by committing to not filming in the Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan. Ask the network to now explicitly commit not to film in any part of occupied East Jerusalem, not to cooperate with Israeli government bodies there, and not to support this project that seeks to whitewash Israeli human rights abuses

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